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What’s New and What’s Happening?

You will have noticed refurbishments occurring at RAF Waddington, and heard mention of the forthcoming implementation of “Pay As You Dine” in the Messes. Perhaps it’s a good time to have a look at what’s new and what’s happening around the Station.

At the Raven’s Club, there has been a thorough updating of the families area, retaining the children’s play corner and with a new menu that has been encouraging family groups out in the early evening. The menu offers reasonably priced and appealing choices that include Sundays and Christmas lunches.

With longer opening hours, a wider range of draft beer options – and beer prices down – there is still a lot to offer all ranks, especially in the traditional bar section. Corporal John Forbes, Junior Ranks Entertainment Manager, continues the ever popular trivia nights and there is free WiFi, as well as YouTube and a continuously updated top 40 selection available via Maxbox.

With Christmas not too far around the corner, the Raven’s Club is the perfect central venue to meet up or plan a get-together.

By now you will be familiar with the gleaming Bapmobile as it makes its way across the station, serving snacks and drinks close to your work area. Nolly from the Merry Melon is now part of the Bapmobile team and with the winter months drawing in, hot bacon butties are proving a winner. If you would like your area added to the existing route, or are planning a big bacon buttie call as part of your week, please call Rob Fletcher on extension 7624.

The station SPAR shop is receiving a fresh, new look at the end of the month, with added appeal for families and living-in personnel. You will still be able to shop on the same site while part of the store undergoes a change for the better, and the transformation will be completed early in November.

More fresh produce will be available to choose from and SPAR will be looking to increase goods from local sources. There will be competitive promotions each week with the very best deals in line with promotions available nationwide. It will soon be easier to plan an impromptu barbeque when a pleasant afternoon beckons or to pick up the ingredients for that healthy eating recipe you always meant to try.

The Pay As You Dine scheme will come into effect here at RAF Waddington on 1st November. Service personnel that live in single living accommodation currently pay a daily food charge to cover their breakfast, lunch and dinner. The charge is taken from pay regardless of whether or not the meals have been eaten but Pay As You Dine means that the daily food charge ceases and people will only pay for the meals that are taken.

There will be variety of different pricing options available and the choice of where to eat will be down to the individual, whether it be the Mess in which you are a member, the coffee shops or in Raven’s. Information about all the menu choices is being widely circulated around the Station, and response to the low prices and attractive menu options has been enthusiastic.

Prices in the Messes will not go up; in fact they have been rounded down. The menus include core, or ‘classic’ choices, with the opportunity to also purchase items separately, or to upgrade with further dishes if you have more time to take for your meal.
One example is the ‘Classic’ breakfast; a selection of six items from: fruit juice, yoghurt, grapefruit segments, cereal and milk, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, black pudding, two hash browns, baked beans, tomatoes or fried bread. This includes bread with a spread, and tea or coffee. So you can begin your day with a traditional hot breakfast for £1.15, or pick items from a Continental bill of fare for a lighter start to the morning.

For more information about the catering, retail and leisure work going on at RAF Waddington, please go to our website: http://www.iss-rafcrl.co.uk/waddington
You can also call Tina Muncaster, ISS Communications Manager on 07725 577029 or email tina.muncaster@uk.issworld.com

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