Winter Olympic hopeful


A recent result in Switzerland (Jan 12) for Corporal Kerry Cockman of RAF Waddington’s PEd Flt, sees her well on her way to the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Russia as a British Bobsleigh pilot. Kerry joined the Royal Air Force in 2004 and began her Bobsleigh career in 2007 whilst at RAF Marham, she has been around the world ever since representing the Royal Air Force and Great Britain on both the Europa Cup and World Cup circuits.

Kerry is currently ‘down training’ after an intermittent season this year of returning from the Falklands and being posted from Shawbury Medical Centre into the Gym at Waddington. She said ‘It’s been a struggle this year with a lot going on, it’s sometimes hard to keep your head straight and concentrate on the tasks in hand’.

Bobsleigh physical training consists of daily weights and three times weekly sprint training along with physio based core and stretch sessions as well as the well needed active rest days.

Kerry admitted ‘Training is tough but then I wouldn’t expect any less when representing Great Britain and the Royal Air Force. The start of each training phase is the hardest part, my programme tends to change every 4-5 weeks and my body definitely feels it, even after doing it for a few years. The end of the season is also tough in a different way as we are advised to cross train and stay away from the weights (basically do whatever we like such as circuits, spinning etc) and my body doesn’t know what has hit it normally and I really ache’.

The Inter-Services competition this year was 25 Feb – 12 March 2012 in Austria at the Igls track which has previously been used for the Olympics.

The Royal Air Force team has a good chance of doing very well in both the male and female bobsleigh as well as in the Skeleton Bobsleigh and Olympic Luge competitions. Kerry has been concentrating on coaching the RAF team rather than racing as current coach, Sergeant Michelle Coy, is soon due to leave the RAF.

Speaking before the event Kerry said . I really enjoyed coaching the RAF novice camp in December and look forward to encouraging the new athletes further with more challenging driving lines and faster starts in preparation to compete against the Army and the Navy in Austria’. There are some really promising athletes coming through in the RAF at the moment who have attended the Great Britain trials including Flying Officer Louise Webster (from RAF Waddington) and John Baines. Stuart Benson and Keith McLaughlin are currently competing for Great Britain in the World Cup. So with all this talent the Inter-Service competition should be a close run event.

See next issue for a full report from the Combined Services Ice Championships.

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