Two Teams Tied Together

By Flt Lt Ian Dodd

In an effort to forge closer ties, the Climbing Clubs from RAF Waddington and RAF Digby competed in a 2 round competition requiring both teams to climb at their opponents’ wall.

Round 1: RAF Waddington vs RAF Digby

On 26 Feb 13 RAF Waddington Climbing Club played host to RAF Digby Climbing Club for round 1 of a recently established 2 round competition.  The aim of  the competition was to increase the ties between the 2 clubs in an effort to share facilities and knowledge but also pave the way for future joint expeds.  The competition was designed to be fair to all climbers  with the scoring system rewarding newcomers to the sport, those attempting harder climbs and  the amount of progress made on each climb.  Climbers were penalised for the more efforts equired on each climb with a maximum number of 3 attempts per route.

Keen to encourage all abilities to get involved, both clubs used teams with a mix of abilities. This helped to promote a relaxed atmosphere and with the tunes pumping out both teams set out to rack up the points. The Waddington team were quick to  assert their home advantage with Flt Lt Dodd and Daniel Taylor both climbing all 6 routes first time.  LAC Ben Reed also ended the night with a victory over his Digby  counterpart and strong performances from Maj Rob Walker, Flt Lt Damien Handley and SAC(T) Jon Brown saw the Waddington Club finish the night with a 2835 to 2586 victory.

Round 2: RAF Digby vs RAF Waddington

Following on from a successful evening of climbing the previous week, the Waddington climbing team headed to Digby in an effort to triumph over the opposition and bring home the highly coveted trophy.  Waddington pitched a different team from the previous week in order to increase the number of club members exposed to competitive climbing.  Upon arrival, the contrast between the walls was immediately apparent.  With its greater height and impressive overhang the wall at Digby promised to offer an interesting evening’s climbing for the Waddington climbers more used to their modest home wall.

All members attacked the climbs with gusto. Unfortunately however, the home advantage proved to be an insurmountable obstacle, and, despite valiant efforts by all climbers, and another 100% result from one of the Waddington climbers the visiting team fell at the last hurdle.  The final scores after both rounds were Waddington 4619 and Digby 5976.


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