Commanding Officer’s Cup 2011


The aim of the Commanding Officer’s (CO’s) Cup is to provide mass participation in sport. The events are a little different to synopsis sports so that you don’t have to be the best athlete in order to take part. It is all about having fun!

The 2011 season started in January with the Seated Volleyball. This event is played exactly as it sounds- playing Volleyball whilst sitting on the floor! The final proved to be a very closely fought competition where 8 Squadron managed to see off ELW 22- 21. The next event was Bucketball, this game is similar to netball but you can go anywhere on the court and to score you have to shoot the ball into a bucket which is held by a person stood on the bench. People were getting very competitive as it seemed they were very focussed in trying to win. The eventual champions were Operations Wing (Ops). The Fun day event was run alongside the Health and Well being day in July. This saw ten teams challenge each other in various “It’s a Knockout” style competitions, overcoming obstacles and attempting to find more crocodiles and ducks than the other teams! After a very spirited competition Engineering and Logistics Wing (ELW) were declared the winners. Orienteering was introduced for the first time last year in which sections had to split off into two teams. One side were the “Brains” and the other was the “Runners”. The Brains were in charge of working out the cryptic clues in order to gain co-ordinates for the Runners to dash off and find the markers, which sometimes were a little hidden. This competition again finished very close but 56 Sqn managed to snatch the title from 8 Force Protection Wing, who were literally seconds behind. Other events in the calendar included Softball, Swimming, Chariot Racing, Dodgeball and Superstars which were spread over the year. There was not one team that appeared to be running away with the trophy, with wins in various competitions recorded by 8 Sqn, ELW, Air Warfare Centre, 5 Sqn, Ops and 56 Sqn. By the penultimate competition the CO’s Cup was proving to be a very closely fought out event with 8 Sqn being in the lead, but just behind were ELW. It all came down to how both teams were going to perform on the last event of the CO’s Cup calendar and that was the Quiz night. This took place in December in the Rugby Club. There were thirteen teams that participated in various rounds of sporting trivia. This included a “What happened next” round in which teams were asked to guess what was going to happen in the various scenarios displayed on screen. The teams were not prepared for some of them and were left astonished at the gymnast attempting to vault a box but then accidentally landing right in the middle of the judges’ table! Teams also participated in the Pictionary round with some people getting very excitable and just shouting out anything that popped into their heads! It was nice to see the 51 Sqn team (that only consisted of two people) was helped out by some very enthusiastic individuals in other teams who had to share that they knew the answers. I am sure that they were very happy with the help! ELW managed to finish in first place in the Quiz but unfortunately due to a good performance from 8 Sqn they were unable to clinch the coveted CO’s Cup for 2011. This was awarded to 8 Sqn by Gp Capt Jones on the evening. The night finished with the presentation of awards for Sporting Achievement over the year. The Sports team of the year was awarded to the Station Cricket team. The Sportswoman of the year was given to SAC Williamson and the Sportsman of the Year to SAC Heaton. The 2012 events will start on 19 Jan 12 with Dodgeball. All interested personnel are to contact their section CO’s Cup representative. The dates for the rest of the year are as follows:

Forthcoming COs Cup Events
Superstars- 22 Mar 12
DCCT shoot- 26 Apr 12
Rounders- 24 May 12
Sports Day- 19 Jul 12
Orienteering- 20 Sep 12

Swimming Gala- 25 Oct 12
Bucketball- 22 Nov 12
Sports Quiz- 4 Dec 12

By Corporal Cat Chambers

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