Station Charities Committee

The Station Charities Committee consists of representatives from all sections across RAF Waddington and representatives of all ranks including civilian personnel.

The Station Charities Committee has continued its efforts in supporting the local community over the last 12 months in both facilitating fundraising for Station personnel and also in supporting projects within the wider community through the distribution of funds received from the RAF Waddington Air Show. In the year to date the Committee had £6,000 made available for them to distribute. However, the funding from the last Air Show for distribution to local charities was £29,000.

Sqn Ldr Frazer, OIC Station Charities, recently visited Kesteven Riding for the Disabled Association. During his visit, Sqn Ldr Frazer was met by staff, volunteers and riders of the charity who were keen to express their gratitude to RAF Waddington for providing the funds that enabled them to purchase their newest addition to their stables. “Fronerthig Delyn Aur”, otherwise known as Del, was purchased as an additional pony to meet the needs of a growing membership. There are several personnel from RAF Waddington within Kesteven Riding for the Disabled Association, either as volunteers or parents of riders.

KIDS Strut Lincoln was also among the beneficiaries from the Station Charities Committee and received funds to purchase a disabled access mobile chair lift. The lift was required to improve the accessibility of KIDS Strut Lincoln by facilitating the loading and unloading of wheelchairs from vehicles at the centre. Heighington, Branston and Washingborough United Football club were given funding to provide new team coats from the Under 6s team all the way through to the Under 16s teams in order to provide some respite from the at times inclement Lincolnshire weather. Southrey Village Hall received finance for a projector that will be used for  presentations and movie nights, allowing the community to come together. The 3rd Sleaford Scouts received a new canvas tent to replace the existing lightweight tent that they use. Their new canvas tent is larger and more durable and will afford the Scouts shelter and peace of mind for years to come. The Sentries Explorers at Waddington received a Mess tent to assist with their activities.

The Station Charities Committee has joined up with local businesses in supporting the Lincoln Tank Memorial Group that will see the construction of a substantial memorial in Lincoln to celebrate the city’s great engineering history and mark the fact that the very first tank was constructed in the City of Lincoln by William Foster & Co.

In addition to the financial support given to Kesteven Riding for the Disabled Association and KIDS Strut Lincoln, both charities were invited to the 2013 RAF Waddington Air Show. Twenty volunteer staff and disabled children visited the Air Show for the day and were provided with a day to remember accommodated within the Station Charities Enclosure on the Flight Line. During the upcoming Air Show more representatives of local charities will be attending, alongside the return of the Chernobyl Children to theStation Charities Enclosure.

Overall it has been an excellent year for supporting local communities and charities and, with a generous donation from the RAF Waddington Air Show office to this year’s budget, there is more in the pipeline. Throughout the last year RAF Waddington personnel have raised over £20,000 for charity in addition to the monies given to the local community by the Committee. Since 1995 local charities have received £378,700 from Station Charities. The Station Charities Committee shall continue to support the local community and its charities in line with its constitution. Please get in contact with Sqn Ldr Frazer (14SQN-XO (Frazer, Mark Sqn Ldr)) if you are interested in representing your Sqn/Wg within the committee or if you have completed a fundraising event. Additionally, contact Sqn Ldr Frazer or the Secretary, Flt Lt Haddock (14SQN-D FLT Pilot 2 (Haddock,   Jean-Paul Flt Lt)) if you require assistance coordinating a charitable event.

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