Jon Egging Trust Blue Skies Visit to RAF Waddington’s Fire Section

The Jon Egging Trust “Blue Skies” Programme provides learning opportunities for young people (aged 13-15) from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Providing them with life and work skills by linking them with inspirational individuals from the Royal Air Force and environments linked to aviation.

Activities include classroom and practical sessions covering topics of Teamwork and Communication to develop the young peoples’ working skills and self-confidence.

Having already completed a ‘getting to know you’ session and attending an inspiration day with the Red Arrows at RAF Scampton, 12 x level one students arrived bright and early at RAF Waddington on the 13th December 17. Their objectives for the day were teamwork and communication at the Station Fire Section. Led by Sgt Dalgliesh, our host’s provided a fun filled learning experience for the students by running activities such as matchstick maze. This activity relies on the teams describing a complex pattern over the Fire Sections 2-way radios.

Following this was a teamwork demonstration by the Fire Section where a room was filled with smoke and the students were shown how to rescue a person. This demonstrated how important teamwork and communication is in an environment where there was nil visibility and how difficult it can be to lose one of our primary senses.

For the final activity of the day, the students were paired up. One being blindfolded and the other a “shouter”, the “shouter” provided directions through an obstacle course and the winners were the pair that completed it the fastest. Finally, no visit to the Fire Section would be complete without a tour around the Fire Engines.

The students thoroughly enjoyed there session and many thanks must go to the Fire Section for their assistance. One of the students were heard to say that “This is the best thing I have ever done”.

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