Astra RAF

Acknowledging that we operate within a rapidly developing and changing world, the RAF needs to in a position to be ready and able to change. There is a need to modernise in order to act faster, sustain operational output for longer and deliver with ever greater precision in more places around the world simultaneously. Astra is the RAF’s campaign to enable that change.

In Dec 19 the Chief of the Air Staff released the Astra Vision Statement explaining that Astra would be the Royal Air Force’s journey towards our Next Generation Air Force.

‘A world-class integrated, capable and inclusive Air Force delivering decisive effect across all domains.’
Astra Vision Statement

Astra’s aim is to transform the RAF, evolve to meet the changes taking place in the world around us and determine what the Next Generation Air Force will look like in 10, 15 or 20 years from now. Its success depends almost entirely on the support and enthusiasm of our Whole Force of Regulars, Reserves, Civil Servants and Contractors and provides an opportunity for us to shape our collective future.

Astra will focus on four key themes; people, infrastructure, equipment and training. It will define how we live and work and how air and space power is delivered in the future. It will aim to improve our space and cyber capabilities, modernise our bases and transform warfare.
Some Astra projects are Air Force wide, such as Project Hydro; fixing infrastructure to ensure hot water and heating provision, and transforming Training delivery through Projects Mercury, Scale and Socrates. Other changes will happen at Stn, Sqn, Flt or Section level and these are just as important as the big programmes.
Astra applies equally to everyone at RAF Waddington. To achieve our NextGen Air Force, we need to challenge inefficiency and unlock peoples’ potential. Empowering the Whole Force to support the Astra campaign is key. Small but significant steps can pave the way for more efficient, effective working practices, allowing us to adapt to change faster.

Astra is about discovering and unleashing the hidden talents of our people, across the Whole Force, regardless of rank, trade or background, to create effective solutions to troublesome problems.

RAF Waddington needs you and your ideas. Everyone at Waddington is an expert in their own field and will have good ideas. Communicate your thoughts, the Station will support you, and develop and deliver the idea whenever it can. If ideas cannot be progressed on the Station your ideas will be raised higher. If you think something can be done better, faster or more efficiently, suggest the change and propose a solution … find out more in the full edition of Insight magazine Winter 2020 Issue.