Alice’s American Accolade

Flight Lieutenant Alice Harrison of 7006 Volunteer Reserve (VR) Squadron, RAF Waddington has recently been deployed as a Liaison Officer working alongside American Forces in Afghanistan.

Alice, who joined the Reserves in 2002 has been working side by side with the Americans, delivering operational intelligence briefs and providing streamlined intelligence reports to those units engaged in particularly high threat operations.
During her time on operations Alice was struck by the professionalism of the American troops from the private marines to the officers. Equally, the Americans were bowled over by Alice. In recognition of her outstanding performance, she has been awarded the United States Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for ‘meritorious achievement, initiative, perseverance and total dedication to dwuty’. This is only the sixth such medal to be issued to a member of the British Armed Forces since the start of the Afghan War.

On receiving the award, Flight Lieutenant Harrison said: “It was a complete shock and a real honour to receive the award. I worked alongside the commanding general of 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing at Camp Leatherneck, Major General Glenn M Walters every day and had to brief him three times a week. In return for my medal I presented Maj Gen Walters with a 7006 Sqn shield, which he was delighted to receive.

We have a very important relationship with the Americans in Helmand Province. British helicopters regularly support American troops particularly for medical evacuations and the volunteers from the medical profession on board these helicopters are considered some of the best in the world. The Americans really appreciate the support that British troops provide.”

7006 Volunteer Reserve (VR) Sqn are part of Operations Support Division who provide timely, fused, all-source operational air intelligence support and intelligence planning. Reserve forces frequently support the regular RAF and have previously deployed to Kuwait and the Gulf, Cyprus and the USA. More recently, a significant number of Reservists have been mobilised to support operations in Afghanistan.

If you are interested in joining Alice, your first step is to contact us. If you are ready to apply now to join the RAF Reserves, you can do this by following the ‘apply online’ link on the Reserves Homepage at If you would prefer to talk to someone to find out a little bit more, ring the RAF Reserves information line on 0845 606 9069.

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