8 Sqn Honoured with historic gifts

On 15th October 2020 8 Sqn were fortunate to be presented with a silver Janbiya and silver Dhow by Professor Keith Ellis.

To receive the presentation FS Flanighan, CT Moran and Sgt De La Perrelle travelled to the RAF Museum at RAF Cosford, a thoroughly suitable setting. Prof. Ellis served as a Sgt engineer with the Sqn from March 1965 until Feb 1966 whilst in Khormaksar, Aden. Remembering his time on the Sqn fondly Professor Ellis reached out to Wg Cdr Williams offering his mementoes in the knowledge that they would be cared for and appreciated. A sheathed Arabian dagger known as a Janbiya, was adopted by 8 Sqn in recognition of the unit’s long association with Arabia. The weapon is sheathed to symbolise the squadron’s guardian duties. The Dhow, a sight recognised by many on 8 Sqn is a sea going vessel prevalent in the waters of The Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman, a more than apt symbol of the Sqn’s time spent in the Middle East. Professor Ellis said:

“This Janbiya is given as a salute to all those, past and present, who have served and continue to serve in the ranks of 8 Sqn Royal Air Force.”

On behalf of 8 Sqn Wg Cdr Williams feels honoured to accept these gifts into our care and will ensure that they are suitably displayed and available for all to view, for many years to come.