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From the Editor…

As the year goes by changes continue at RAF Waddington, 14 Squadron will be standing up in the next few weeks and preparations are well underway for 13 Squadron and 39 Squadron re-locating to RAF Waddington. The change closest to […]

Station Commander’s Foreword

There is a real back to school feel about the Station as I write these words… The summer holidays are over, the autumn term has started and many familiar personalities have been replaced with a crop of new faces. The […]

ASTOR Ground Segment Potted Sports Morning – 29th May 2011

It is not often that we get enough down-time together as a unit to enjoy a bit of team building and have a bit of fun, so, on the Morning of 29 May 2011, the Detachment Commander Captain “Spike” Speedman […]

Her Majesty The Queen Approves A Unit Badge For No 8 Raf Force Protection Wing Headquarters

With the formation of a new Unit, one of the considerations of the Officer Commanding (OC) is whether it qualifies for a formal unit badge (or crest as we colloquially call them in the RAF). As deployable warfighting Force Elements, […]

Exercise Honourable Ties

Station Commander’s Foreword

I hope that you are reading this edition of Insight having already enjoyed your summer leave or with some holiday time still to come. Either way, after the busiest six months at Waddington for many years, I hope that everyone […]

From the Deputy Editor…

Wow what a busy couple of months! We have celebrated and said farewell to the Nimrod R1 fleet, hosted the Armed Forces Day in Lincoln and of course executed the Annual International Airshow.  Oh and let’s not forget the small […]

Life at RAF Waddington: A day through the lens

“It’s an easy job, it’s just point and click”, isn’t it? Well, to an untrained member of the public it might be just point and click but they wouldn’t get the standard expected for a Royal visit. A photographers day […]

54 Squadron – What does the R stand for?

…asked my Army ISR student preparing to deploy to Helmand within days. “Reconnaissance” I replied, hastily reassessing the degree of ISR training this particular individual required. “54 Reconnaissance Squadron, makes sense I suppose” he remarked. I breathed a small sigh […]


Squadron Leader Goodswen and Flight Lieutenant Harrap have handed over the reigns of the Station Charities Committee to Squadron Leader Hutchinson (SATCO of this parish) and Flight Lieutenant Shirley (also ATC). On behalf of the committee members and indeed the […]

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