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Farewell to the Nimrod R1

On Tuesday 28th June 2011, the Nimrod Force Element came together to give the venerable Nimrod R1 aircraft an almighty send off. Nos 51, 54(R) and 56(R) Squadrons joined with Electronic Reconnaissance Operational Support Squadron and Electronic Warfare Avionics Department […]

A Voyage Of Discovery

When Fred Murray-Walker and his wife Lynne recently visited RAF Waddington from Australia, it was part of ‘A Voyage of Discovery’ that had begun only 6 weeks earlier. Fred’s father, Frederic, had joined the Royal Australian Air Force during the […]

Villagers’ Visit to Commemorate the Raven’s Club Wartime Bombing

On Monday 9th May a group of people from Waddington village visited RAF Waddington to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the bombing of the station.On Monday 9th May a group of people from Waddington village visited RAF Waddington to commemorate […]

Lincolnshire Staff Ride

Thursday 12th May saw 6 personnel from RAF Waddington embark on a staff ride around Lincolnshire via mountain bikes, to take in some of the historic RAF treasures of the local area and gain some further knowledge of RAF and […]

Dawn of a New Era

It is another beautiful Middle Eastern dawn and ZJ693 taxies into the distance, shrinking and sinking, its tail fin finally consumed by the shimmer. The familiar roar of take off power searches across the airfield and moments later the Sentinel […]

Rose Above the Rest

The RAF Waddington Heritage Centre was recently awarded a highly sought-after “Enjoy England Place of Interest” rose and is now ready to welcome visitors and aviation enthusiasts from across the country. Personnel from RAF Waddington Heritage Committee have rallied together […]

Bader Braves Reach for the Sky

On the 4th June 2011, seventeen intrepid young aviators took to the skies at RAF Waddington, following in the footsteps of their hero, Battle of Britain Ace, Douglas Bader.  Like Douglas, they have not let disability hold them back from […]

Exercise Centurion Charge

84 miles, 4 days; walk in the park…..  Well almost if it wasn’t for the 50mph winds, hail and thunderstorms and some rather interested bulls. A team of 13 Royal Air Force and 1 Royal Navy personnel walked the 84 […]

Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme (AFPS) Visit

By Flight Lieutenant Matt Osborne The AFPS is a scheme for Members of the House of Commons, the House of Lords, Members of the European Parliament and Band B (or equivalent) Civil Servants who volunteer to spend a fixed number […]

Operation ELLAMY

The RAF is all “eyes and ears” in the no fly zone. RAF Waddington’s Combat-ISTAR aircraft on Operation Ellamy When UN Security Council Resolution 1973 was declared to establish a no fly zone over Libya the RAF’s Intelligence, Surveillance, Target […]

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