Forget Keith Chegwin, on Tuesday 19 Jul 11 RAF Waddington hosted the ultimate ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition.

The event was linked into the Station Education, Health and Well-being day, which had proved a huge success earlier in the day. A total of 10 teams entered this year’s Commanding Officer’s Cup ‘It’s a Knockout’ event. In a complete turnaround from last year the weather was thankfully sunny and mild, which certainly helped the 100 plus participants enjoy the day even more. In total there were 6 individual game zones, of which 4 used huge inflatable arenas and the remaining 2 games were in a fun, team relay format.

The first challenge for the eagerly waiting teams was named King of the Rings, and saw competitors battling up a huge inflatable structure, sliding (tumbling) down the other side and attempting throw a ring over the coloured skittles. The teams then went around all the game zones in a round robin, with competing teams having a new opponent in each area. The other games consisted of attempting to dislodge opponents from podiums using a giant wrecking ball, running a huge gauntlet which was full of surprises, and jumping through obstacles into a foamy ball pool to retrieve various objects. The 2 non-inflatable games were related around teamwork skills and included a ski plank walking relay and transferring water into a bucket by tossing a wet sponge down a chain of people. Teams were ranked and scored after each event, and at the end of the day it was over to the excitable MC to announce who were RAF Waddington It’s a Knockout Champions 2011. The best team over the 6 games were Engineering and Logistics Wing, who took maximum points as we approach the last four CO’s Cup events of 2011. 5 Sqn looked impressive throughout the day and managed a 2nd place finish, and the Physical Education department team deservedly took 3rd place on the podium.
Once again RAF Waddington Personnel came together to make this a hugely successful event and the Physical Educational Flight would like to thank all those who participated.

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