Station Commander’s Foreword

There is a real back to school feel about the Station as I write these words…

The summer holidays are over, the autumn term has started and many familiar personalities have been replaced with a crop of new faces. The Station Warrant Officer(SWO) has returned from his out of area tour and got straight back to work getting photo boards up to date and welcoming the new arrivals with a wave of his pace stick and a reminder of the way we work at RAF Waddington and the standards that are expected. The SWO tells me that the new squadron bosses are shaping up nicely and he is very impressed with just how quickly all those posted-in to Waddington seem to settle. Feeling accepted, comfortable and respected at work is tremendously important and, at a time of traditionally high staff turnover, I extend the warmest possible welcome to those posted-in and thank their predecessors for the fantastic work they did whilst at Waddington.

The faces maybe new but our focus very much remains on supporting Operations and I encourage all those coming on to the Station for the first time to look at how we can build on success, not reinvent the wheel. Improving things around you is not always about change. The stand up of 14 Squadron with the SHADOW aircraft, the introduction of Pay as You Dine in the Messes in November, the roll out of a Station-wide Safety Management System and the move to Number One Group in January will keep us busy enough. As long as we are learning as we go and, most importantly, putting safety first, this is the time for ‘steady as she goes‘ and not the new broom. The distractions to Service life have never been greater and the next few months are about maintaining the extraordinarily high standards that we achieve by understanding how others feel about life in the Armed Forces and the Civil Service as well as making our own adjustments to the change that will be imposed upon us. The size, shape and structure of our Services will be different but I sincerely hope that our attitudes toward each other and the pride we take in the job we do at Waddington can stay the same.

Despite the distractions, it is inspiring to see the large number of articles in our Station Magazine that show just what else people are still getting involved in. Young or old, junior or senior, newly arrived or a Waddington ‘veteran’, the range of participation and obvious enjoyment in a whole host of force development, adventurous training, health and well being and leadership activities is fantastic. Please keep it up, whenever you can.

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