“Row the Witham” Challenge


On 30th November 2011, personnel from RAF Waddington took part in the ‘Row the Witham Challenge’ to raise money for Help for Heroes.

The River Witham is a distance of 132km in length and stretches from the south of Grantham, through Lincoln and onwards to Boston. So with a grand total of 132,000m distance to be covered using 2 rowing machines, and 6 teams signed up to complete it, the aim was to achieve the fastest time for 22,000 metres covered by each section.

Air Traffice Control (ATC)  started off the day with the first portion, setting a bench time of 44 minutes 55 seconds using the maximum allowed  5 man team. This time was soon beaten by 5 Squadron with a time of 43 minutes and 51 seconds, although one member of the team did pay the price for this with his breakfast in the toilet! A short notice effort from 14 Squadron saw the previous time smashed down to 42 minutes 29 seconds, but soon after stolen by 8 Squadron, beating 14 Squadron by less than 1 second with a time of 42 minutes 28! The fire section were up nexxt, and with everyone having them down as the favourites for the day, they did not disappoint. A very tense 42 minutes 24 seconds saw them take the lead with only VAHS left to compete. Although VAHS were then unable to beat this time, with a 3 man team they still achieved a time of 48 minutes 08 seconds.

As well as the huge effort made by the sections around Station, Flt Lt Rowell from MT took it upon himself to cover as much of the 132,000 metres by himself over two days. Stepping away from the rower on the afternoon of the second day he had managed to cover a grand total of 100,000 metres, an impressive achievement to say the least!

Lastly I would like to say thank you to the PEd Flight for the loan of the machines, to ATC for the use of the flat bed, and everyone around station that either took part or made a donation helping to raise the grand total of £359.87p for Help for Heroes.

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