RAF Waddington Police Flight Charitable Donations


The RAF Police at RAF Waddington recently made a number of charitable donations to various charities both local and national.

The funds were donated from a historic RAF Police Club members’ account which had laid forgotten within the Station’s accounts for some years.  Officer Commanding  Police, acting as Chair held an adhoc AGM to release the funds and gauge members’ opinions as to what to do with the money, approximately £1200.  Discussion immediately turned to charity donations. After much deliberation it was unanimously agreed to split the funds between four charities, each taking an equal share.  The first being the RAF Police Welfare fund, who provided trade branded gym wear for a Waddington based RAF Police Non Commissioned Officer (Editor’s note this is, Corporal Mick McConnell, you may have read his story in Insight’s issue 6 of 2011) while at Hedley Court.  Corporal McConnell was caught in an IED blast in Afghanistan and was seriously injured as a result, needing extensive rehabilitation.  The second charity, without question, was Help 4 Heroes for obvious reasons.  The third charity was closer to home being the Station’s Charity fund in recognition of the unit support given to Police Flight.  Last but by no means least, it was agreed the final charity be the Royal British Legion. Soon after the meeting, the Chairman of the RAF Police fund was hosted and a cheque handed over.