Out of the Shadows.. its 14 sqn


The newest and most anticipated section of Insight Magazine is finally here!

It’s true, no more hush hush, no more ssshhhh. Leading from the front, and thanking his lucky stars he’s now got 2 pilots to tell where to go Wg Cdr Rich Moir has taken the helm of the good ship 14 Sqn. With the Stand Up parade of 14th October fresh in the mind the Sqn has taken no time out of its busy schedule of continued Ops (8 Sqn note, continued Ops) with personnel still busy back and forth from foreign lands.

For those back taking a quick breather in the UK it’s been a busy time too. With charity events, new aircraft, aircrew milestones and a plethora of births and marriages there’s hardly been time to squeeze a pre deployment medical in!
As you’ll have no doubt noticed from his beaming grin on the photo opposite, Master Aircrew (MACr) Briggs was joined by the rest of the Sqn on the ‘Shadow Dispersal’ (formerly Sentinel Dispersal) to celebrate accumulating 1000 hours on the Shadow aircraft on 1st Dec 11. Briggsy was quoted at the time as saying ‘it’s the happiest moment of my career, I’m very proud to be serving on Waddington’s premier Squadron, here’s to the next 1000 hours’. Briggsy is the first member of 14 Sqn to reach the 1000 hour milestone but others are hot on his heels, we expect Flt Lt Fairbrother to join this exclusive club soon!

The first 14 Sqn charity event has also been completed in aid of Myeloma Cancer, a cause close to the Sqn’s heart. We managed to swim, run and cycle a total of 1400 miles by the time the new standard was handed over…with time spare to get changed ready for the parade. Personnel both at home and deployed took part and have thus far raised over £700. The Sqn has plans afoot for more charity events in the New Year so keep your eyes peeled to help support our next event!
A new year and a time to welcome new arrivals. Bobby and his partner Janet are now being kept busy with new baby boy Harrison, whilst Richie and Sarah have just enjoyed their first Christmas with new arrival Max. Not wanting to be outdone, on the engineering side Steve and Tibby are now joined by Freddie, and Lewis enters fatherhood with new baby girl Imogen. Wedding bells on 14 Sqn have been ringing for Alison Riley, who will now be answering the phone as Cpl Conner. Congratulations to all. The final new arrival on the Squadron, fresh from the factory on 12th December is ZZ504, seen looking resplendent with its delivery crew on this page. A testament to the hard work of all those involved that the Squadron is at full aircraft strength.

The final 14 Sqn social event of the year took place at The Lawn in Lincoln in early December, playing host to our annual Christmas Party. A good night was had by all, particularly a group of local health workers who were treated to a festive treat of Staff Sergeant JW’s bare chest being displayed on the dance floor…proof the Army just can’t drink with the RAF. Another charity success was raising £100 for Myeloma in  the evening whilst Chief Tech Jase Garnett scooped £200 to help with his Christmas shopping.

Our first Insight article is also a great opportunity for us to publicly add our congratulations to Flt Lt Paul ‘Snorts’ Norton in recognition of his well deserved Air Officer Commanding’s commendation which he received in early December. Snorts has been one of the founding members of the Shadow project with his dedication and hard work being acknowledged we’re very proud to say he’s one of our own.

14 Squadron is looking forward to another successful and busy 2012 with more new personnel arrivals, an eye on the next CO’s cup event and lots more charity events to come. Finally, our very best wishes for a happy
2012 to all at Waddington.

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