Operation HERRICK beats Operation ELLAMY

…in the race to the 500th Sentinel mission!

On Saturday 9 Apr 2011, the Sentinel R1 successfully flew its 500th operational mission. 500th operational mission. Captained by Flight Lieutenant James Colman with Flight Lieutenant Adrian Cooper as the Air Mission Commander, Sentinel ZJ694 took to the skies over Afghanistan to once again provide vital support for UK ground forces. Total flying time was 10hrs 45mins.

Flight Lieutenants Colman and Cooper were both clearly very proud to lead the Sentinel’s 500th operational mission.

Air Mission Commander, Ft Lt Adrian Cooper said “it was a great privilege to fly the 500th operational mission but, to be honest; it’s always a privilege to fly any sortie on this platform but especially those out here in support of Operation HERRICK and in support of our guys and girls on the ground in Afghanistan.”

The Aircraft Captain, Flight Lieutenant James Colman said “It’s really impressive that the component has clocked up so many operational missions in such short order. The way things are going, it won’t be long until we have 1000 under our belts!”

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