From the Editor…

Vanessa PlumleyAs the year goes by changes continue at RAF Waddington, 14 Squadron will be standing up in the next few weeks and preparations are well underway for 13 Squadron and 39 Squadron re-locating to RAF Waddington.

The change closest to home has been that of the Deputy Editor, Flight Lieutenant Ruth Fordyce is going out of area and so has handed over the duty of Deputy Editor. I would like to thank Ruth for all her behind the scenes hard work to ensure that the Insight magazine went out with the diverse range of articles and wish Ruth good luck for her new post. As Ruth leaves I would like to welcome Flight Lieutenant Danny Mortimer, 8 Sqn to the Deputy Editor role and Flying Officer Anna Sznerch to the Assistant Deputy Editor post. As an editorial team we are keen that the magazine reflects what you want and look forward to receiving your articles and hearing from you.

Well since I last wrote, you will perhaps be pleased to read that I haven’t taken part in any sporting events (so no gold medals as the sole competitor!!), but I have managed to get away on a Squadron Force Development day – a day in the Lincolnshire Wolds, a really enjoyable time was had by all, if I had the editorial space I would write about the Station Warrant Officer’s not so graceful fall, another time. A bit like my last appeal to the readership, the opportunities are there, it is a case of prioritising and making the time and then when you do get out and enjoy yourselves, don’t forget to write an article and send it in to the team. In this issue you will enjoy catching up with 8 Squadron and the variety of adventures that they have had since their last article, 51 Squadron have provided an insight into their training in Nebraska and there is a very interesting article about the Airfield Track Day, organised by No 2503 (County of Lincoln) Sqn Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment, but they are looking for next year’s project officer, so all you bikers have a think. The Fake Festival enjoyed another year of success and the weather held off too. There are some entertaining pictures from the Commanding Officer’s Cup “It’s a Knockout” competition that formed part of another very successful Education, Health and Well Being Day, which Michelle Savage the Personal Learning Advisor has captured in her article.

The next issue will be last of the year and the deadline for submissions to the editorial team is 4 Nov, we look forward to hearing from you.