From the Deputy Editor…

Ruth FordyceWow what a busy couple of months! We have celebrated and said farewell to the Nimrod R1 fleet, hosted the Armed Forces Day in Lincoln and of course executed the Annual International Airshow.  Oh and let’s not forget the small issue of a continual high operational tempo supporting Operations ELLAMY and UNIFIED PROTECTOR, as well as many non-formed unit deployments to other operational theatres.  Well I don’t know about you but I feel tired just thinking about it !

I have been the Deputy Editor of Insight Magazine for over a year now and unfortunately, this is my penultimate edition before I leave Waddington to go out of area myself.  Throughout my term as Deputy Editor I have always been surprised by the huge amount of varied activities that our personnel still manage to get involved in despite all the things listed in my opening gambit; this edition is no exception to the rule!

In this edition, there are some excellent articles promoting some superb Force Development events.  For example, The Defence Electronic Warfare Centre led the way with their combined Force Development and fund raising event, Exercise CENTURIONS CHARGE.  Not only did the group walk the 84 miles of Hadrian’s Wall, stopping to present ‘stands’ on certain landmarks, but they also managed to raise over £1500 for the Forces Children’s Trust, a fantastic effort.  I was also very impressed with the Station’s Cycle Club who modelled their new streamlined ‘go faster’ suits and cycled up to Lincoln Cathedral as part of the 1st Lincoln GP event; I am sure they are now all resting glued to the TV watching their heroes on the Tour de France!  An interesting article that I must direct your eyes to is the Airborne Stand-Off RADAR (ASTOR) Ground Segment Potted Sports Morning.  If you ever needed something to keep you occupied and pass the time during your down time on operations, you could learn a thing or two from these guys!  Squadron Leader Chris Cartmell also has some good advice in his ‘never volunteer article’ and I must say a big well done and congratulations to the team who run and manage RAF Waddington Heritage Centre. They were recently awarded a highly sought-after “Enjoy England Place of Interest” rose, an excellent achievement!

Well this is my first and last opportunity to write the Editorial, so I must take the opportunity to thank those individuals that have made this duty a lot easier for me.  Firstly, a big thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write down your antics in the first place!  Every edition, as the deadline gets closer, I get a little nervous thinking that we are not going to have enough articles but, it usually ends up being quite the opposite and this edition has been no different.  In fact we have, and often do, put many articles ‘on ice’ for the next edition, which is due out in Oct (deadline for submissions is the 2 Sep, a quick plug – just in case). However, I must say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and the guys in the Photographic Section have certainly delivered for me, especially SAC Ben Stevenson who I am sure is sick to death of my constant demanding emails with my pedantic requests to get the perfect front cover – thanks Ben.

Well this has been an excellent and extremely enjoyable secondary duty.  If you would like to get involved by either becoming my successor or just joining the Editorial Team then please give us a call to find out what it’s all about.