1237 Squadron Air Cadets – Bomber Command Reunion…

April 28th and 29th was the weekend of the “V” Bomber reunion at the Newark Air Museum. Hundreds of former Vulcan, Victor and Valiant aircrew and ground crew members gathered over the weekend to meet and reminisce over past times, when they worked together during the “Cold War” days.

1237 Squadron were on hand once again to offer their services and on the Saturday provided a sterling car parking crew, directing many vehicles and over 600 visitors safely to where they wanted to go. Luckily, we had a good turnout of Cadets, both male and female, to be able to offer this service, as well as open up the Westland Whirlwind helicopter and the Phantom simulator to the enthusiastic visitors.

The weather on Saturday was chilly with rain on and off throughout the day but with indoor sales tables and plenty to do, including the Museum’s resident Vulcan having it’s auxiliary power unit started up and demonstrating the opening and closing of the bomb doors and air brakes, everyone was kept amused.

We were also treated during the afternoon, to a couple of very thrilling flypasts of Vulcan XH558 which was carrying out a test flight from its base at Robin Hood (Doncaster) Airport.

Sunday turned out to be a rather quieter day. The main reason may have been the fact that it rained heavily all day. We only had half the number of Cadets with us this time due to other Squadron commitments but thankfully we were not required for car parking duties and opened up the Vickers Varsity as an extra attraction.

I would personally like to thank all the Cadets for their enthusiastic involvement on both days and would also like to pass on thanks from Howard Heeley and all the staff at the museum who went out of their way to say what an extremely good effort you all put in you raised very valuable funds for the museum from opening up the aircraft.

I also received very favourable comments from the staff of a visiting Scout group and the Cadets and staff from the Isle of Man who were impressed with your knowledge and your friendly and polite manner.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and hopefully I will see you on our future regular visits to the museum. Please tell your fellow Cadets if you enjoyed it and get them to come along next time.


Fancy Flying?

For anyone who hasn’t experienced the exhilarating feeling of flying in the Grob Tutor, you should make this one of your priorities on your wish list of activities whilst an Air Cadet. Just think; for no extra payment (as long as your subs are up to date) you can experience the thrill of not only having a ride but also flying the aircraft yourself.

On your first flight you will probably be taught the basic skills; how to keep straight and level, climbing and descending and performing gentle turns. You don’t normally get to do any aerobatic manoeuvres on your first trip, (but sometimes you do, depending on your instructor, and only if you want to). On any subsequent trips you will probably progress a little further, depending on your ability.

Many Cadets who fly in the Tutor “get the bug”, and want to take up flying as a career. Many of the pilots currently flying military and civil aircraft got their inspiration from flying as an Air Cadet.

1237 Squadron carry out their Air Experience Flights with Number 7 AEF at the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell.

Please ask the staff for more details and talk to other Cadets about their flying experiences.


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