1237 SQN North Hykeham

1237 (North Hykeham) Sqn ATC’s Trip to Royal Air Force Waddington and Scampton Heritage Museums.

The day started early and the moon was scarcely out of view. Having assembled in the foyer of the Squadron building, Corporal’s Paterson, Bell and Clark began by examining the necessary equipment, i.e. pens, paper and our identification documents. After receiving a rather snap briefing from the staff, we departed Squadron building and scrambled, Battle of Britain style, into the awaiting cars and we were on the road by 0915!

After a short time we arrived at RAF Waddington and quickly formed up as a Flight outside the museum. As we eagerly waited, Corporal Nolan dashed into the building to inform the staff that we had arrived. He soon returned and we were dismissed from parade. We created a single file line and waddled into the museum. I was pleased with the kind greeting our group received and was very impressed with the extremely thorough tour of Air Force history, including the Vulcan, which was provided. The historical artifacts were immense and we even spotted a couple of snapshots of Corporal Nolan on the Lancaster Recovery Display.

After this amazing start we were presented with a task by the staff. We had to choose an area of the museum and talk for 2-3 minutes on that subject. Our group chose the area of the museum that was dedicated to Billy the pigeon. We decided that it was both a comical and heart warming story. After the presentations, we gave our thanks to the staff of the museum and were dismissed to our cars before departing for RAF Scampton.  We knew that it would be another great visit.

On arrival we were taken into Wing Commander Guy Gibson’s office. This was a real treat as the ‘Dambusters’ flew their famous mission from here and we were offered the opportunity to take photos!

After this we entered the main museum. This was brilliant.  The displays were fantastic and it didn’t take long for Corporal Paterson to find the Red Arrows room. His obsession with certain aspects of the Royal Air Force became the talking point of the day. After a quick look at the Hawk outside we dashed back to the vehicles and returned back to the Squadron. Everyone was extremely grateful to the staff for this privilege and I’m sure they’d all agree that it was definitely worth it!

By Cpl Edward Clark

Non-Commissioned Officer Day – High ropes course

On the 17th February, cadets from 1237 (North Hykeham) Sqn ATC travelled to RAF Wittering to participate in a day on the high ropes course.

After an early morning start, the Non-Commissioned Officer team and Cadet Wildman were very excited about what the day ahead was going to consist of. When we arrived, we were greeted by staff member Sergeant Sharpin, who is a qualified instructor on the course.

The day was structured in such a way that we were able to completed a series of different team building activities.  We started with activities on the ground, ensuring that everybody had opportunity to develop their communication skills and work more efficiently as a team. We then moved onto the low rope course, which was really good fun! After lunch, we moved onto the equipment which was much higher. Some cadets were put out of their comfort zone, and their skills were tested to the limits.

The last activity was an individual activity called the leap of faith. This involved climbing up a pole and jumping off the top, aiming to grab hold of a trapeze bar (harnessed in, of course!) Everybody who attended put in 100% effort to the day, and everyone bonded more as a team.

It was a very successful day and it is hoped that other cadets have the opportunity to attend a similar course in the near future.




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