WO Stanton hands over XIII Sqn Warrant Officer

During his time as the XIII Sqn Warrant Officer, WO Stanton has been committed to improving the lives of all Sqn personnel, whilst contributing significantly to the professionalism and devlopment of the Mission Intelligence Co-ordinator role.

Most notably, he drafted the Op SHADER Operational Service Medal citation for RPAS crews, contributing ultimately to the awarding of the medal in 2019. He has also been at the fore front of efforts to obtain appropriate recognition for the Mission Intelligence Co-ordinator role, lobbying the Flying Branch for the role’s incorporation within the Airborne Specialist, Non-Traditional Aircrew status; a status implemented in Apr 20. Together with this, he has been a driving force in enhancing and championing the Mission Intelligence Co-ordinator role within Int Branch and Trade, through management of XIII Sqn engagement activities as well as being the public face of the cadre. WO Stanton is moving into an Instructional position and role of section lead, where he can continue to inspire from the front, progressing the professionalism of the Mission Intelligence Co-ordinator role in the run up to Protector entering service. He is also currently leading the application attempting to obtain Recruitment and Retention Pay for the Mission Intelligence Co-ordinator position. Mr Stanton served on the Sqn as a SAC and several times since then, he will take a well-earned rest serving as an instructor on XIII. Mr Greenough is a Current Sensor Operator on XIII and is thrilled in his new role.