Waddington Flying Club Hidden Gem

“I never knew such a great facility existed here at Waddington.” The phrase I hear all too often when I first show guests around our club.

Well, we’ve been here at Waddington for almost 10 years now, in fact this summer will see us celebrating our 10th anniversary. Maybe we seem little known because we have our club house on the far side of the airfield or maybe it’s because our aircraft are comparatively small, quiet and inconspicuous when compared to Waddington’s other types. Whatever the reason, the club has decided that the Stn’s best kept secret should no longer be a secret.

With its own functional and well equipped facilities, the Waddington Flying Club (WFC) is able to offer all sorts of flying opportunities for all ranks and trades. Currently with a fleet of 5 aircraft and a healthy bank of instructors there has never been such a good time to learn to fly with the WFC. The aircraft are a combination of Cessnas and Pipers all with 4 seats except the 2-seat Cessna 152 which is cheapest aircraft to fly. The Club’s mission statement is rightfully focussed on offering the very cheapest flying possible and this it continues to do so even in the face of rising fuel prices we able to charge only £81 per hour for the Cessna 152. Furthermore, we are now an accredited learning provider by the Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) Scheme which means that entitled personnel are able to use their ELCs to pay for the majority of a Private Pilots’ Licence PPL course. If you are interested in embarking on the full PPL course and you wish you use your ELC to do so then you should contact the club’s chairman (and one of the founding forefathers) Flight Lieutenant Chris Hives on 8 Sqn.

Once you have qualified for your PPL you will be able to take the WFC aircraft anywhere and everywhere. By having such a large selection of aircraft, taking an aircraft away for a period of time is rarely a problem. You will also be able to fly passengers of your choosing, including civilians to locations of your choosing, including Europe. We also have the capacity to offer advanced training which includes disciplines like formation flying, competition flying and instrument flying. In fact many former members have used the WFC as a vehicle to obtain their professional licence and build hours cheaply before embarking on a career as a professional pilot. The club’s Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) Dave Cockburn has a seemingly unending knowledge on all things to do with flying training (and an equal amount of enthusiasm to boot), he can be contacted on extention 7340 or through the Officer in Command Squadron Leader Seb Hall on ext 8501.
The WFC’s new website will be live at the usual address of www.waddingtonflyingclub.com in the next few weeks. Take a look around the site and use the links to email any of us to ask more questions.

We offer 30 minute trial lessons at only £40. This price includes the temporary membership, insurance and use of headsets. Throughout the summer we regularly run BBQ open evenings but we will happily show anyone around at anytime, just contact any of the committee members for further details.

As the weather starts to pick up, now really is the time to start thinking about having a summer of flying, fun and achievements.

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