Vulcan XM607 Tribute Motorbike

Exactly 30 years since the first Black Buck mission as part of Op Corporate to liberate the Falkland Islands, XM607 remains in the hearts and minds of Lincolnshire aviation enthusiasts.

One such enthusiast is Mr Steve Jollands and his team from Lincoln Harley-Davidson, decided to commemorate the anniversary by immortalizing the lead Vulcan from the mission, XM607 in the form of an Electra glide Harley Davidson tribute bike.

As an ex-Fleet Air Arm and Sentry Project Team member working from RAF Waddington for 2 years during the 90s. Steve having aviation in his blood thought that the only way to celebrate the completion of the tribute bike to unite the two machines together, so he asked for special permission to photograph the pair together. As it was only fitting that he was hosted by 8 Sqn Engineering who maintain the Sentry aircraft, to photograph his bike next to his inspiration, the legendary aircraft XM607 itself.

Most people quickly connect the term “Black Buck” to the Falklands War, but fail to appreciate the heroic efforts of the RAF in the 1980s that enabled these historic missions. XM607 touched down at Ascension Island at the end of an astonishing 15 hours and 50 minutes in the air, which included 18 air-to-air refuelings. This aircraft dropped 21 bombs at low level, one of which hit the Port Stanley runway at its mid-point, cratering the concrete and denying its use to the Argentine forces. RAF Waddington is extremely privileged to have Vulcan XM607 as its Gate Guardian.

To find out more about RAF Waddington’s history, visit the Station Heritage Centre website at:

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