Swift & Sure recognised for Op UNIFIED PROTECTOR

Group Captain Gillespie, Station Commander RAF Waddington, recently presented Op UNIFIED PROTECTOR medals to current and former members of 51 Squadron (motto – ‘Swift and Sure’), for their contributions in support of the NATO Operations in Libya.

Wing Commander Garry Crosby, OC 51 Squadron, introduced the proceedings, highlighting the extraordinary effort that had been expended to support Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR.  He specifically noted the extension of the Nimrod R1 in service for 90 days, to provide support for the operation.  During the same period the Squadron continued its extensive commitment to training aircrew in the USA in preparation for UK Rivet Joint (Project Airseeker).  The first graduates of this training quickly deployed, operating as crew on the USAF Rivet Joint aircraft just one day after the Nimrod R1 flew its final operational mission before retirement.

The personnel receiving the NATO medals provided support in a number of roles including, aircraft maintenance, flying roles, operational support and HQ duties.

Recipients of the NATO Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR Non-article 5 medal for the United Kingdom participation in Operation ELLAMY were: Master of Aircrew (MAcr) Allport, MAcr Beeson, MAcr Mack, MAcr Wing, Flight Sergeant (FS)  Burns, FS Fagg, FS Few, FS Johnson, FS Wheatstone, FS Williams, Chief Technician (CT) Matson, CT Taylor, Sergeant (Sgt) Edwards, Sgt Fraser, Sgt Horn, Sgt Howard, Sgt Margrett, Sgt Nott, Sgt Rice, Sgt Venables, Corporal (Cpl) Clayton, Cpl Nolan and Senior Aircraftman Oultram.

Afterwards, the Station Commander presented the Olympic Medallion to Sgt Jackie Bowyer for her part in support to the 2012 Games.

The opportunity was taken for the Station Commander to also present a Station Commanders Commendation awarded to the 51 Squadron Re-location Team, who planned and executed the recent Squadron HQ move.  The recipients of this award were (r-l) Sgt Jamie Mulcahy, FS Gaz Campbell, Flight Lieutenant John Allen and Sgt Sam Edwards.

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