Running Club Update

The RAF Waddington Running Club continued its endeavours in the Lincs Service Cross Country League with a trip to Kendrew Barracks in early January.

In case anyone had any doubts who the previous occupants of the Base were then the gym gave it away with the name emblazoned across the floor. The weather was very favourable, and the course was basically the perimeter of the old airfield with a finish across the front of the hangars on the waterfront and then back toward the gym.

Later in the month, just after the first snows of winter and on a very cold, crisp, but bright day we were at Thorpe Camp for the RAF Coningsby leg of the league. The first few runners were obviously not paying attention at orientation and along with a very laissez-faire marshal the top runners missed an early turning and ended up doing a good km more than the slower runners which mixed up the positions a bit in the mid field, even if the whippets were in their usual places at the front by the end. The course itself was a mixed surface around woods and fields and was probably flatter than the Kendrew Barracks course, and definitely squelchier in places in the woods.

Thorpe Park
The season was interspersed with the RAF Cross Country Champs held at RAF Halton right at the tail end of January, which if you cast your minds back was when all the snow came in. So, the course was very mixed with the snow having frozen from the night before but by the time of the race any grass that was showing was quite soft. We had a few new runners attending and some reasonable success from RAF Waddington with Flt Lt Kieran Priest, Sgt Rob Sim and Cpl Helena Schofield all being picked to represent the RAF at the Inter Services Championships.

The next race back in the normal season was at ATR Grantham where the Army held it over the usual course which seems to include a hill with its own water supply as it doesn’t matter how dry the rest of the route is, the hill is always wet, slippery and being adjacent to a ploughed field there is no real scope to avoid the worst sections. We had a good turnout of runners of all abilities and at this point in the season are third overall, though very close to Coningsby in second and with the home race to come this will hopefully boost the numbers, and overall position before the end of the race year.