Red Rock Relayers Relay for Life 2012

On 14 Feb 13, the culmination of effort by a dedicated team called the Red Rock Relayer’s made up of mostly 8 Squadron Engineers presented a cheque of a fantastic £2313.92 to Cancer Research, after a 24 hour relay, and other charity events.

The event took place last year on 21st July 2012, a group of 8 Sqn engineers and family members undertook the Cancer Research UK “Relay For Life”. Now, unlike Cancer Research’s “Race For Life”, this event has the emphasis on fun, which is spread over a 24 hour period. The Relay is held on a 400 metre track, and at least one member of your team must be on the track at all times over the 24 hour period.

2012’s event was held on a bright sunny day in July at William Farr’s Secondary School in Welton. During the day, to instill more fun, each hour has a special theme, usually involving weird fancy dress and lots of laughter and finger pointing. All teams are encouraged to provide a stall for the day, selling anything and everything. The onus of the day is fun, but the most moving moment was late at night, when there was a ceremony for remembering all the people who had lost their lives through cancer.

The team -no strangers to charity events- had already a few events under their belts prior to the day. A charity evening was held in the Rugby club, which was superbly organized by Sergeant Michele “Meesh” Turner, who deserves a huge thank you for pestering everyone in the Rugby club until their pockets were empty. We also held a main gate collection, where Dick Turpin was at hand to rob everyone of their hard earned cash. Once again we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone to help us raise the grand total of £2313.92, thank you one and all.

Relay for Life this year will be held, once again, at William Farr C of E
school on the 21st/22nd July.  Please come along and spend your dosh, it’s for a good cause. Or go to the Relay for Life Lincoln website and donate in the RED ROCK RELAYERS team page. Thank You.

Relay for Life Cheque:
right to left:

Chief Technician Bob Wiseman

Team Captain, Cancer Survivor,
8 Sqn Eng

Mrs Janice Wiseman

Wife of Chief Technician Bob Wiseman, Team member

Emily Stuttard

Cancer Survivor, daughter of Sergeant Dave Stuttard

Sergeant Dave Stuttard

Team member, 8 Sqn Eng

Chief Technician Bertie Bassett
Team member, 8 Sqn Eng

Warrant Officer Robbie Taylor Cancer Research UK Relay for Life committee member

Chief Technician John Kirk MBE
Cancer Survivor, 8 Sqn Eng


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