Receipts & Despatch 24 Hour Spin-A-Thon

On the 23-24th of August RAF Waddington’s Receipts & Despatch section embarked on a gruelling 24 hour Spin-A-Thon – raising money for the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, based here at RAF Waddington.

The Air Ambulance covers 3500 square miles across 2 counties. On average they fly 3 life-saving missions each day at a cost of £2100 per mission!

A team of 6 led by SAC Kristian Burns started the day with a gate collection before kicking off the spinning at 0800 in the JRM foyer. The team rotated one hour sessions on the two bikes with the other team members manning the ‘cakes for donations stall’ and making sure R&D was still ticking over.

The Logistics Squadron Summer BBQ was being held on the same day at the Pavilion so the bikes and cakes were moved to coincide with this and to allow the 6 personnel to get a few light refreshments on board! Coincidentally the distances completed by the riders dropped dramatically once the beers, burgers & bratties vouchers were handed out!

At 2100 the bikes were moved to R&D to complete the spinning through the night and try to hit the target of 1000 miles. By 2300 anyone passing R&D would have been rightly justified in calling the RAF Police as there were a lot of moans and groans coming from there! Bubble wrap and towels had to be applied to all the seats as 15 hours on the bikes were really taking their toll on the riders.

Through the whole event there was a guest bike set up so people could jump on for an hour session to help hit the target of 1000 miles. Out of 24 hour slots available only two graveyard slots weren’t taken, with a special mention for SAC Jos Riddle who at 0300 smashed out 25 miles in an hour helping to push the failing bodies on and ultimately finish at 0800 on 1094 miles. The riders were also helped out by the rest of the Sqn through provision of cakes, sweets and fluid throughout.

£1045 was the total figure handed over to the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance from the Logistics Squadron and a big thanks goes out to all who contributed in support of the effort.