Pitch up for IBCC

On Friday the 14th Aug, 20 RAF Waddington personnel from a cross section of ranks and roles volunteered their time to assist the International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC).

This was in preparation for the centres VJ Day celebrations and their 1940s weekend event. This was the first event being run since COVID-19, with the entire team really hoping to pull off a memorable occasion. The Waddington volunteers utilised everyone’s favourite military skill, erecting tents of all different shapes and sizes. Conveniently the main tent, which was more like a mini marquee, only had instructions in German. Luckily, we had a few volunteers who had

experience from the Mobile Catering Squadron. Apart from cooking up some great one pot recipes, it turns out that they are also really good at erecting tents!  For those of you who remember the Waddington Air Show, we also got to reminisce on the good old days, moving plenty of barriers and humping and dumping innumerable chairs.

The activity was paused as the group took advantage of the excellent café at the IBBC for a well-earned tea break. The volunteers

took this opportunity to put the world to rights with some interesting conversations on how people were coping with COVID restrictions and their thoughts on what the future held for RAF Waddington.

The whole project was carried out in reverse the following Monday, collapsing what was now a rather damp set of tents. The team pulled together and achieved the pack up in half the time of the set-up crew. This could have something to do with the promise of the now discovered café looming, but that was just a rumour.

The IBCC were extremely grateful for the Station’s help. Without us, it would have been left to the volunteer tour guides who’s tent putting up days are well behind them. In all, the IBCC ran an extremely successful event that has contributed to them being awarded the International Tourism Award 2020 by Visit England.
Future volunteering events at the IBCC will be used as opportunities for junior ranks to demonstrate their leadership, organisational skills and resourcefulness. Details will be promulgated through the XO network. If you or someone you know would be interested, please get in touch.

Sqn Ldr Guy Roscoe
XO 14 Sqn