Lockdown Thursday

Alongside their busy operational tempo supporting global Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) operations, 1 ISR Wg have been keeping busy during the most recent national lockdown with a series of ‘lockdown Thursday’ events.

The events, ran jointly between the Wg’s Resilience and Welfare Team and the Entertainment and Social Committee aim to decrease isolation, increase social interaction and strengthen the esprit de corps across the four main operating locations of the Wg.
Kicking the events off on 21 Jan 21 was Cpl Gaz Williams from 54 SU, who hosted a traditional lockdown quiz – it’s a challenge to find somebody who hasn’t taken part in an online quiz during the last year! Triumphant that week were the RAF Wyton-based 1 ISR Sqn, with an outstanding individual performance from the Wg’s XO, Sqn Ldr Alex Lloyd. In week 2, ISR Enabling Sqn shot up the leader board with some lightening 5km run times, with Cpl Antony Robinson of A Flt topping the board with 19.23 minutes. The fitness theme continued into week 3 when Cpl Matt Rands channelled his inner PTI and designed and delivered an arduous fitness challenge, rivalling even the most strenuous of Waddington Teams-based fitness sessions.
A slower pace of life was introduced for week 4, with SAC Emily Bridges delivering a family orienteering activity, with points being scored for a variety of urban, COVID-associated and nature sightings. Our very own Mary Berry, Sgt Makeda Dearden, arranged a successful Bake-Off in week 5, and after a Defence Connect page full of buttery-biscuit-bases and some dashing aprons, the points were awarded to SAC Bethany Vincent for her show-stopper submission. The next two weeks involved a charity quiz ran by SAC Lauryn Foster which raised some much-needed funds for the Wg’s Charity for 2021, Heart Link, and a photography competition ran by SAC Shannon Davey, which concluded with 2 ISR Sqn at the top of the overall standings, with much still to be decided.
Whilst we eagerly wait for the return of normal life, members of the Wg are busy planning the final iteration of events with all five Sqns and HQ aiming to get their hands on the virtual trophy. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we can put down our iPad screens, and share a drink or two in our Sports and Social Clubs!

Flt Lt James Webb