Education, Health & Well Being Day

On 19 July 2011 the annual Education, Health and Well-Being Day was held in the Station gymnasium.

The aim of the event was to encourage activities which make everyone fitter, happier, healthier and better educated for activities in work and in their spare time. This was a major event in the Force Development Squadron (FDS) calendar with personnel from the Learning Centre, Training Development Flight and Physical Education Flight, working hard to make it a success. To support lifelong learning, Learning Centre staff invited a wide range of colleges and other adult education establishments to provide personnel with information and guidance on courses which could enable them to advance their service careers and assist with securing future civilian employment. Twenty two learning providers attended on the day. Expertise from Catering Squadron, the medical & dental centre and the Chaplaincy was on hand to promote physical, mental and social well-being, focusing on lifestyle changes, healthier eating, stress awareness, mental robustness and exercise and fitness in general. Members from various RAF Waddington clubs were on hand to introduce personnel to the wide range of interests supported by the Station. Local companies offering various forms of complementary health therapies such as natural health, sports massage, pilates, hypnotherapy and chiropractic treatment attended with plenty of taster sessions to whet people’s appetites. Throughout the day sports companies ran various fun activities to encourage active enjoyment of sport and increased fitness.
Officer Commanding Physical Educational Flight managed to gain some sponsorship for the associated CO’s Cup “It’s a Knockout”, which was a fun and highly competitive event.

Raffle tickets were handed out to personnel who came through the door to gauge the number attending and over 300 military and civilian staff visited the event which was gratifying and made the hard work worthwhile. Funding was made available for prizes for the raffle which was drawn on 26 Jul 11.

The number and diversity of companies that attended provided a real insight into the variety of Education, Health and Well-Being Day opportunities in the local area and the increased attendance at this year’s event was very encouraging.

The feedback from learning providers and visitors was very positive and will hopefully lead to service personnel utilising their Enhanced Learning Credits and Standard Learning Credits to fund additional qualifications.

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