Community Matters Support To Deployed Families

Throughout a Service persons career it is now almost common place that Service personnel will spend time away from home. Regardless if this is part of an Operational Deployment or a domestic exercise or training course, family members left behind can still experience additional stresses and strains.

Separation through duty is never easy and coming more frequently than at any time in recent history, it can often be a real challenge to Service families.

RAF Waddington continues to place great importance on providing support to families affected by separation through duty. Through its dedicated Community Support Squadron, RAF Waddington continues to provide a range of activities/initiatives providing practical support leading up to, during and after the Service person returns home from separation. Regular events and activities take place at RAF Waddington and at venues within the County of Lincolnshire and beyond.

Deployed Families Group
Each fortnight, a small dedicated group of community members meets in the Integrated Welfare Facility (IWF or HIVE as more commonly known), providing support to families who are affected by Operational Deployment or separation through duty. The group run by members of the community, on behalf of the community is an excellent way to pass a Saturday morning, entertain the children and provide or receive mutual support from those who know exactly what Service families are going through. If you are left at home with the kids, weekends and holidays can be tough, this group aims to make those times that little bit easier.

Deployed Families Trips
Deployed families’ trips are an exciting part of RAF Waddington’s programme, committed to its families affected by deployment or separation through duty. We had a great year in 2012, running several trips to attractions that included, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Fantasy Island, Skegness, Alton Towers and the Lincoln Theatre Royal Christmas Pantomime. All these were organised by the Community Support Squadron staff, who have ensured that as last year went so well with so many enthusiastically participating, the team have added even more visits to this years programme. If you are affected by operational deployments or will be separated through duty for a minimum of 60 continuous days during 2013, just look at what you will be able to look forward to…

Families Deployment Briefings
Service personnel deploying overseas are well looked after and prepared well prior to departure. At RAF Waddington, we believe that the families of Service personnel should also be well looked after and equally prepared. Regardless of the relationship to a Service person, whether it is a spouse, Mother, Father, brother, sister or even a child, being prepared or at least being aware of the support that is available, is really important. Community Support Squadron and other key Station welfare personnel are therefore pleased to be able to offer regular families deployment briefings for Service families affected by deployment. Conducted in the Integrated Welfare Facility, every two months, briefings are provided to ensure that families are aware of the support that is available during periods of Operational Deployment. Consisting of a short presentation with an opportunity to ask those important questions, briefings are friendly, informal and offer a great opportunity to meet other families experiencing similar pressures and stresses.

Twinlakes Family Theme Park, Melton Mowbray
The Deep, Hull
Rand Farm, Lincoln
Leicester Space Centre & The Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster
Magna, Sheffied & Conkers, Derbyshire
Belton House, Grantham
Fantasy Island, Skegness, Alton Towers, Staffs & Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Butlins, Skegness
Indoor Fun Farm or Playzone
The Deep, Hull
BFBS Christmas Messages Event & Pantomime, Lincoln

For further details about any of the support available to Service families affected by operational deployments or separation through duty, please contact the RAF Waddington HIVE.
Tel: 01522 727675

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