ASTRA Success

Astra is the campaign to build our next generation Air Force – The Royal Air Force of 2035
Astra at RAF Waddington ishere for you and needs us to take ownership of change, so we need you to submit your ideas using this LINK.

Has it ever bugged you that…..!
Astra at Waddington has been here since February 2020. In that time, we have had 40 projects submitted on our Teams site, delivering on 16, with many more ongoing. Below is a selection of them and what they have delivered for the Station.

Waddington Logistics Click and Collect
You can now order new uniform and PPE direct from Clothing stores via your mobile phone. Complete this form and collect your items within 5 days of confirmation of your order.

All Ranks Social and Mindfulness Area
Under construction above Costa, in the JRM, this will provide a chill-out and reflection zone, with Pods and areas for collaborative and private work. Funding provided by Astra and QinetiQ.

Amazon Lockers
Located in Waddington Budgens, offers an Amazon delivery option for people on station, that don’t want to use the internal mail service. Just have your stuff dropped off there and pick up when you want to.

3D Printing
A RAF wide Astra flat-pack from the Core Team, this innovation has given Waddington the capacity to make our own items now and in the future. 3D printing has multiple applications and the production possibilities are endless.

Missile Technology
With Innovation at the heart of Astra, the station has developed a new missile guidance concept, with a view to bolstering the UK’s Defence capability.
Currently with the ASWC, backed by the ISTAR FHQ, this really looks to the next generation of 2035.

SFA EV Charging
The RAFs future green initiatives are a large part of Astra, that’s why we are looking into electric car and bike charging points for Waddington. They will be available in SFA in the near future and we are looking at installations on the main station.

WFH Allowances
The Covid pandemic has meant that this has become a familiar sight. Astra has investigated what allowances can be claimed whilst working from home. These are published on our Teams site.

Electronic Arrivals and Buddy System
Waddington is working on a new electronic arrivals system for Military and Civilian staff. It will include a buddy system to help people who are new to the station, find their way around and explore what is available.

ISTAR School House
Astra has developed an ISTAR ‘School House’ training centre, to reduce our dependency on outdated and inefficient residential-based training. Focusing on getting our people to the frontline faster and better equipped than before, achieving SQEP by utilising modern training methods.

And finally……..please ask yourself if there is anything that has ever bugged you at RAF Waddington or the wider RAF? If the answer is yes, consider an Astra submission using this LINK,
or contact any of your station Astra reps who are:
RAF Waddington Astra Ambassador, Sqn Ldr Emma Jenkins
ISTAR FHQ Astra Ambassador, Sqn Ldr Andy Robson
Stn Astra CI Lead, CT Nick Postles.