Air Cadets

On the 24th November 2013, Sergeant Clarke, Cadet Hinch, Cadet Wildman and I travelled down to RAF Cranwell for what was to be ourfirst flight in a powered aircraft.

7 AEF (Air Experience Flight) is home to the Grob Tutor T Mark 1, a training aircraft used for Elementary Flying Training by the 14 University Air Squadrons and 12 Air Experience Flights throughout the UK. There was a short wait before we went off to get fitted into our flight suits (obviously I had the smallest size in everything and it was still too big!)

We walked out to the aircraft in a Top Gun fashion; when we reached my aircraft, G-BYUP, I was met by ground crew personnel. They put the biggest size cushion onto the seat (again because I’m small) then I was  strapped in and plugged into the intercom. Shortly after, my pilot (Flight Lieutenant Chester) arrived; he very quickly buckled in and plugged himself into intercom. He talked me through the start-up procedure and what the thirty minute flight was going to entail, we taxied short of runway 27 and turned into wind for some pre-flight checks. After we had given the engine enough time to warm up, we contacted the tower and were given permission to take off. We were off the ground within a matter of seconds and climbed to roughly 3,000 feet; we kept ascending to about 8,000 feet. During the flight we did some aerobatic manoeuvres, which consisted of wing-overs, inside loops and barrel rolls. It didn’t feel like ten minutes, before we were on approach back to Cranwell. The experience was exhilarating; all that attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and I would highly recommend it to everyone if you get the chance.


Corporal Joshua Wood

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