High Ropes Force Development at RAF Leeming

On a cold and frosty February morning, 6 members from Logistics Squadron Supply headed north, to RAF Leeming to make good use of the High Ropes facility.

It made a change for a few of the team, as it was the first time they had left Lincolnshire for many years! However the objective for the day was to build confidence, trust, team building, motivation & encouragement.

RAF Leeming gymnasium staff (Greg & Adam) were excellent, shortly after our arrival we were kitted out with helmets and harnesses; we were shown how to put them on but more importantly how to make them secure! Following this we were comprehensively briefed on the day’s events.

Next we walked out to the training area, this time we were standing all in a row with Greg standing to the rear, he asked us to put our hands behind our backs and to display a number of fingers to let them know how scared (on a scale of 1-10) some of us might be and so they had an idea of how far to push us.

The first stand was the ‘Descender Fan’; we all took turns stepping off the ledge with the fan controlling our decent to the ground. Quite nerve-racking for those who were doing it for the first time, however, it did give us confidence in the kit that we were using.

The second obstacle was a team event where we were split in to teams of 4 (Greg & Adam took part,) we had to climb up onto a 24”x15” platform, join arms, then lean back as far as we could while relying on your team members to keep you on the platform, but more so on your opposite number who was on the ground belaying you! He was your safety man and had your life in his hands. From this was a well deserved lunch break and we spent it as a team in the Junior Ranks Mess where the quality of Pay As You Dine was complimentary amongst the junior ranks. Back to the course, another stint on the ‘Descender Fan’, this time with a twist; Greg took the lead and one by one we were asked to face backwards, close our eyes and step off, all of which did, apart from me! No chance! ‘Jacobs Ladder’ followed and with a lot of hard effort, motivating, ideas on how to get to the top, more encouragement, team mates standing on shoulders and heads and so on; both teams managed to get 2 members sat on the top rung – excellent achievement.

Finally, the last event (right) we all took turns in jumping the gap but on the return journey you had to do it with your eyes closed!

What did we get from the day? A great deal; communication, encouragement, teamwork, trust – everything that we had set out to achieve. However it could not have been done without Greg & Adam.
Would we do it again?


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