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ASTRA Success

Astra is the campaign to build our next generation Air Force – The Royal Air Force of 2035Astra at RAF Waddington ishere for you and needs us to take ownership of change, so we need you to submit your ideas […]

WO Stanton hands over XIII Sqn Warrant Officer

During his time as the XIII Sqn Warrant Officer, WO Stanton has been committed to improving the lives of all Sqn personnel, whilst contributing significantly to the professionalism and devlopment of the Mission Intelligence Co-ordinator role. Most notably, he drafted […]

V(AC) Sqn – The Sentinel Years

(or Echoes of Chaucer, the Sentinel’s Tail) So, here it is then, our last article for Insight; and what to say? I mean how do you get nearly 33,000 flying hours, 5 aircraft, 7 Bosses, over 4900 sorties, 9 operations, […]

Memorial of Cpl Chris Showell

On 16 Apr 20 Cpl Chris Showell was tragically killed in a road traffic accident on the A15 on his way to work. Chris ‘Showelly’ Showell was a Chef within Catering Squadron and had been at RAF Waddington since Jan […]

39 Sqn

2020!! What a year. Whilst we’re all pleased to see the back of it, 39 Sqn did manage to deliver continued operational output and, due to significant ingenuity, effort and practice, achieved quite a few things, including virtual attendance at […]

RAF Sentry 30th Anniversary

This year, as difficult as it is and after an initial postponement, sees the 30th Anniversary celebration of the E-3D in operational service with the Royal Air Force. Probably one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable aircraft in the […]

Check, Check and Check Again!

Sorry Brookie! I know it’s not good form to start with an apology – but – considering my initial reaction to the Editor’s (very polite) request for the next Insight article was words to the effect of “…What! Another One? […]

8 Sqn Deploy on Op SEA GUARDIAN 20-5

In September 2020, a team from 8 Squadron deployed to Trapani on the Sicilian coast to take part in Op SEA GUARDIAN. SEA GUARDIAN is an enduring NATO commitment that provides airborne support to maritime units operating within the Mediterranean […]

Farewell to Mr Cowdale

After 38 years of outstanding service, the ASWC bids farewell to one of the civil service’s most outstanding Scientific Advisors. One of the scientists who moved from RAF High Wycombe was Mr Alan Cowdale, who has been the reason for […]

The Pip Beck Centre Integrated Welfare Facility

We’re delighted to announce that the name of our new Integrated Welfare Facility is The Pip Beck Centre which will continue to provide community and chaplaincy services to RAF Waddington and was named in honour of a former member of […]

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