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Check, Check and Check Again!

Sorry Brookie! I know it’s not good form to start with an apology – but – considering my initial reaction to the Editor’s (very polite) request for the next Insight article was words to the effect of “…What! Another One? […]

8 Sqn Deploy on Op SEA GUARDIAN 20-5

In September 2020, a team from 8 Squadron deployed to Trapani on the Sicilian coast to take part in Op SEA GUARDIAN. SEA GUARDIAN is an enduring NATO commitment that provides airborne support to maritime units operating within the Mediterranean […]

Farewell to Mr Cowdale

After 38 years of outstanding service, the ASWC bids farewell to one of the civil service’s most outstanding Scientific Advisors. One of the scientists who moved from RAF High Wycombe was Mr Alan Cowdale, who has been the reason for […]

The Pip Beck Centre Integrated Welfare Facility

We’re delighted to announce that the name of our new Integrated Welfare Facility is The Pip Beck Centre which will continue to provide community and chaplaincy services to RAF Waddington and was named in honour of a former member of […]

End of DSALT

(Distributed Synthetic Air Land Trainer) For many at RAF Waddington, D’SALT maybe something that you have with your fish’n’chips, however, for those intrinsically involved with it at the ABTC, DSALT was a way of life and a training environment that […]

1 ISR Sqn Virtual Team Building Event

In early June 1 ISR Sqn undertook three days of remote team building, utilising Defence Connect and Zoom conferencing to ensure that all activities were conducted in accordance with government guidelines and ensuring that all participation was carried out safely […]

8 Sqn Honoured with historic gifts

On 15th October 2020 8 Sqn were fortunate to be presented with a silver Janbiya and silver Dhow by Professor Keith Ellis. To receive the presentation FS Flanighan, CT Moran and Sgt De La Perrelle travelled to the RAF Museum […]

Astra RAF

Acknowledging that we operate within a rapidly developing and changing world, the RAF needs to in a position to be ready and able to change. There is a need to modernise in order to act faster, sustain operational output for […]

MAcr John ‘Angry’ Anderson

leaving the Service having served for a total of 34 years in the armed forces Master Aircrewman John ‘Angry’ Anderson was marched off RAF Waddington in bowler hat after a quick spin around base on one of the Station’s fire […]

Keep Calm and Carry On

The previous edition of Insight went to print just as COVID was making itself felt, with lockdown, working from home, hand sanitiser and face masks just a few of the changes that we (like everybody else) have had to adapt […]

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