INSIGHT is a bi-monthly publication and is the families magazine for RAF Waddington. Distribution of this FREE OF CHARGE magazine is to all personnel and married quarters on and off the station. Further distribution is made available through civilian outlets in Waddington and Lincoln, including Newsagents, Libraries, Tourist Information etc.

RAF Waddington is one of the most important and largest stations in the UK in so much as it is the home of the Boeing E3D Aircraft, commonly known as AWACS, which is the system our Air Defence Network relies upon to direct operations in times of hostility, in the UK and overseas. The aircraft and the station personnel fulfilled a vital role in the Gulf conflicts as well as many others. This station is so important that Boeing, amongst others have a major presence and committed financial investment.

A large percentage of the workforce are civilians under MOD contract and either live in the local area or will be moving here from around the UK. We are looking forward to a new major investment, which will attract more personnel to the base.

The objectives of INSIGHT magazine are many and varied, primarily it will supply a permanent record of life on and off the station – sport, entertainment, welfare and even work events. There is also a strong local community involvement.

All the editorial is written by serving officers and personnel and unlike most other newspapers and magazines has a long shelf life and the advertising is used as a directory of services and facilities in the local area. Whilst it is by way of obtaining advertising for INSIGHT that this magazines publishing costs are covered, the excellent quality, interesting articles and wide local distribution makes this a must for advertisers. Indeed many companies advertise on a regular basis and find that the quarterly ‘drip feed’ of keeping their companies profile going throughout the year brings results.

Please contact myself on the number below or through the contact form.

Jo Marchant
Magazine Manager
01536 526674